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Spiders, Mules and Engines, Oh My!

After a sad week with no wide releases, there are three new films to choose from this weekend.

SpiderMan is back, and back in animation form in “SpiderMan:  Into The SpiderVerse”. This one has a premise we actually haven’t seen on the big screen before for our friendly neighborhood hero.

Also new is “The Mule”, starring the great Clint Eastwood – who also directed and seems to still be on top of his game.

Lastly there’s the dystopian fantasy “Mortal Engines”, which looks absurd but is from the producers of “The Lord Of The Rings'” and “The Hobbit” – so maybe it’s got a chance?

It’s the return of “Coming Attractions”, with special guest Nick Carpinelli of Frank 106.3, 98.3 LNH and Nick’s Mix on!