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All the Good Sports: Is the Celtics – 76ers Rivalry Really Back?

In the ‘60’s it was Russell, Wilt, Havlicek and Hal Greer. In the ‘80’s, Bird, McHale, Dr. J and Mo Cheeks.

These days it’s Kyrie, Hayward, Embiid and Simmons. The names have changed but the Celtics-76ers rivalry has been renewed and revitalized.

Now that LeBron has gone west, the NBA is banking on the Beantown – Brotherly Love matchup to be one of their main storylines for the 2018-19 campaign. The Celtics and Sixers matchup has drawn Opening Night and Christmas Day assignments, two of the league’s most watched telecasts of the regular season.

Bad blood? Hardly. The hatred between these two teams isn’t what it was all those years ago. Opposing players are working out together in the off-season and coaches are praising one another.

However, in the end when you buy your ticket, they’ll sell you the whole seat – but you’ll only need the edge.