All the Good Sports: McCain Was More Than a Fair Weather Fan

Despite his status, John McCain was the type of sports fan that regular Joes could relate to.

When it came to sports, Sen. John McCain was just like the rest of us … a big fan who went to as many games as he could.

He was very passionate about his Diamondbacks, Cardinals, Suns and Coyotes.

He attended so many games at the Diamondbacks’ home, Chase Field, that other fans hardly seemed to notice him. There would be the handshakes and the selfies with admirers. But unlike many politicians, Sen. McCain wasn’t there to be seen, he was there to cheer his team on to victory.

When Sen. McCain’s picture was shown on the Chase Field video board last Saturday night, the fans stood and cheered as one. I’m sure there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

McCain would go to Diamondbacks spring training, Cardinals training camp and became very close to the great wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald spoke at the senator’s memorial service in Phoenix and related some touching and some humorous stories about his relationship with McCain.

His pall bearers included Diamondbacks 2001 World Series star Luis Gonzalez and hockey great Shane Doan. McCain was truly a great American hero — and the champion of all the teams and athletes in State 48.

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