David Price is John Lackey

David Price is the New John Lackey

David Price is rapidly becoming the latter day John Lackey.

Thanks to back to back postseason victories, Price has turned the Boston jeers into cheers and dare I say that at this point Price has (finally) morphed into the ace of the Red Sox pitching corps?

Lackey altered his public perception forever by posting three playoff wins in 2013, the last time the Red Sox won a World Series.

Should Price win one more game it could well be the clincher – and he may be on the podium accepting the World Series MVP Award. The same guy who was lustily booed off the field at Fenway in the second game of the ALDS against the Yankees.

That’s how quickly things can change in sports, and how so many of us who wanted to see Price opt out of the remaining four seasons on his Boston contract are now hoping to be able to give him and his teammates a standing ovation on April 9, 2019 – when the Sox raise another championship banner at Fenway.