Ken Cail on Alex Cora

Face It, Alex Cora Can Do No Wrong

Not since the days of the late, great Dick Williams in 1967 has a Red Sox manager had such a profoundly positive impact on his team. Williams and Alex Cora were both given their first jobs as big league skippers by the Sox and, except for winning, that’s where the similarities end.

Williams was a drill sergeant and very gruff while Cora is the epitome of a players manager and pleasant with seemingly everyone.

Cora’s decisions continue to baffle but, more often that not, amaze us.

Game One’s move to bat Eduardo Nunez for Raffy Devers in the 7th quickly produced a three-run homer and a four-run cushion for the Boston bullpen.

Unlike Williams, following the game Cora joked with the assembled media and with a straight face said that Sox starter Chris Sale didn’t seem to have any issues with his belly button during his four inning outing.

Given Cora’s track record, Red Sox Nation is almost unanimously convinced that Cora’s choice to start David Price will be right in Game Two.